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God’s Helmet

(God Was Kind Enough To Let Me Wear His Helmet)

when i was running out on empty
and i was beaten by the sun

and when i made that big decision
to finish all i had begun

and when i was frail and fragile
and a huge stone of offence

and when all my wisdom failed me
and my old bones wouldn’t dance  

and when i was crushed  in the wheels of time
and my spirit seemed to  drain
god let me wear his helmet
and swallowed all my pain

and when i broke up old friendships
and picked a bone or two
god let me wear his helmet
and kindly saw me through

when on my knees i knelt down
the sword about to fall
god let me wear his helmet
i didn’t bleed at all

and when i asked my money back
and was met with hostile grunts
god let me wear his helmet
and got me my refunds  

and when i was weary growing
fruits i knew were soon to rot
god let me wear his helmet
(though that didn’t help a lot)

and when i was done with hoping
and crying in my beer
god let me wear his helmet
and welcomed all my tears

and when i got tired of mercy
and tried to walk alone
god let me wear his helmet
and called me on the phone

said i could keep that helmet
he had done without so long
he said that i could keep it
maybe use it for a song ?


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